An important objective of the department of teaching of science is to develop an ability in the students by which they can become able to understand various scientific facts and understand various phenomena. The information is provided in such a manner that students not only understand them but can also apply them in their daily life. Another important objective of science teaching is to develop skills among the students.  Developing the scientific attitude among its learner is one of the main objectives of the science teaching department.
A major part of the time spent in learning science has to be used for Practical work either in the class-room or as demonstration in the Laboratory individually or in groups.
The Department of Pedagogy of Science at Government College of Education, Jammu is focusing upon developing scientific temper among the students, equipping them with various skills to become competent teachers and contribute to national development.



  • The Department of Pedagogy of Science is divided into two sections viz. Pedagogy of Bio-Science, headed by Dr. Jyoti Parihar (Associate Professor in Botany).
  • Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Botany)
  • The section of Pedagogy of Physical Science is headed by Prof. Radhika Mahajan (Associate Professor in Chemistry)
  • Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed.
  • The entire faculty is very eager to upgrade and update their knowledge. The faculty has published various research papers, attended seminars, presented papers and acted as resource persons in various national and International seminars and workshops.


    • Science Lab
    • Smart board
    • Science apparatus to demonstrate the basic concept of science
    • Models, charts
    • Improvised Science apparatus



    • Students are trained in various teaching skills like explanation and illustrations with examples, to be good science teachers.
    • They are trained to plan and deliver the lessons using different approaches of Lesson planning in actual classroom situations, during teaching practice.
    • They are trained in content analysis of various units of a Science textbook and maintaining a Science teacher’s diary.
    • They are trained in Unit planning and techniques of evaluation, both formative and summative, to test the all-round development of students.
    • Focus is on training the students to improvise the Science apparatus and make Low-cost No-cost teaching aids, for teaching the basic concepts of Science.
    • The department has established a Science club and various co-curricular activities such as essay competitions, field trips, quiz competitions, tree talks, celebration of days of importance, etc., are organised by the club for all-round development of personality of the students.



    • A small corner of the college at GCOE has been converted into a Herbal strip with various species of medicinal plants to inculcate the students’ interest in traditional knowledge and Ayurveda.
    • During the Covid-19 pandemic, the student members of the Science club participated and won several accolades in various competitions at state level.

    Shri Alok Kumar (IRS)

    Principal Secretary to Govt, Higher Education Department.

    Prof. Aekta Gupta.

    Principal, Govt. College of Edu, Jammu.