Do's & Don't's

 1. No outsider is allowed to enter the College without a valid reason and permission by the Principal after proving his/her identity.
2. All the students shall carry their identity cards and produce before the Principal or college staff as and whenever demanded. No student shall be allowed entry without an I - Card.
 3. Students who remain absent from the College without permission shall be fined Rs.1/- per class on a working day
4. If a student remains absent from the College for more than fourteen consecutive days, his/her name shall be struck off the College rolls.
 5. Unlawful assembly of students is banned.
6. Writing of graffiti or sticking of posters is a cognizable offence.
 7. Ragging in any form on or off the college campus including the hostel is a cognizable offence and the student/students involved in ragging will be severely punished as provided in IPC and Hon'ble Supreme Court directions.
8. Disciplinary action will be initiated against a student resorting to unfair means in the Internal Examination.
A student desirous of withdrawing his/her name from the College rolls should submit an application, countersigned by the parents/guardian of the student. The relevant certificate shall be issued only after the student clears all college dues. Such student shall, in no case be re-admitted during the same and the next academic session.
10. As per the Govt. Order No. HE Gen 61/2001 dated: 07-09-2001, fee once deposited will not be refunded.
11. The above rules are subject to change modification or suspension as and when required.
12. The decision of the College Principal, in any matter, shall be final and binding.



Shri Alok Kumar (IRS)

Principal Secretary to Govt, Higher Education Department.

Prof. Aekta Gupta.

Principal, Govt. College of Edu, Jammu.