About Library




        The History of B.Ed. college library dates back to 1954 with the inception of Teacher Training School which now is renamed as “Govt. College of Education”. The college library has educational as well as general collection pertaining to disciplines such as, Social Science, Science, Art of Teaching, Technology, Literature, History and Geography. It has a good collection of Reference books such as, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Yearbooks, Gazetteers, Directories, Atlases, Journals, Proceedings, Lectures, Dictionaries and Dissertations. The library also has a collection of gift books received under various center as well as state schemes such as Civic action scheme of the security wing of J&K. The Library has also setup a Career Corner & has procured books related to Competitive exams for the students who wish to appear in various Competitive examinations.


        To sum up the college has well-stacked library, Supervised by the Librarian. Total Number of books Under State Government grant till year 2020-2021 is 30586 and 3111 Book Bank books purchased under UGC grant. Books under state grant are annually purchased. Technical services such as Book selection, acquisition, Classification, coding for assigning location, automation are done regularly. The automation work has been initiated using KOHA. Till date 14000+ books have been catalogued with pasting of barcodes. Marc21 format has been followed while cataloguing the books and the process of entering data of library books as every year books are added into the library. The college library has prepared electronic patron i-cards of M.Ed section and making efforts to start issue and return through machine. Hence, till date the library is partially automated.


        The library unit is in two parts, B.Ed and M.Ed library. It is being supervised by the college librarian and support by committees comprising of advisory committee, Library committee and student library committee.