The code of conduct for Students, Teachers, & Non-teaching staff should be characterized by integrity. The code of conduct has prepared to know the rules and regulations of the Institute to the Students, Teachers & Non-teaching staff. It is expected that all students teaching, and nonteaching staff should strictly follow the code of conduct mentioned in this document.
Code of Conduct for Students:
All students must abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute. The Institute authority may take disciplinary action if any student violates the rules and regulations. Students are advised to adhere to the code of conduct and discharge their responsibilities as a student.
Students are required to follow following rules.
1. Every student must carry his or her Identity card inside the campus. Any violation of this will lead disciplinary action
2. Students must help to keep the institute campus neat and clean.
3. Use of Mobile phones during the lectures is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this will lead disciplinary action.
4. Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the notice board.
5. Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper in the premises should be avoided.
6. The students are advised not to bring valuable items/jewellery/large amount of cash, etc. in the College and also not to leave their College bags/ books unattended. The College administration shall not be responsible for the loss of any valuables.
7. The students are advised to follow the traffic rules strictly in and outside the
campus. Rash driving and driving while using mobile phones leads to accidents.
8. The students are advised to put their valuable suggestions/complaints if any, in the suggestion/ complaint box for the development of the Institution.
9. Misuse or unauthorized use of the institute premises or items of property, including
computer misuse, Library misuse etc. should lead to disciplinary & penalize action.
10. Students should not involve in any kind of ragging activities. Any violation of this
will lead to penal action as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court & any other Competent Authority from time to time.
11. All acts of violence and sexual harassment of any kind will lead to disciplinary action or penal action as per the competent authority.
12. Use of tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, drugs, alcohol etc. is injurious to health of an individual, and use of all such material is strictly banned in the College campus. Any body found using any such type of drugs will be punished by the College committee even to the extent of cancellation of admission.
13. In case there is any issue regarding admission/class work/ internal and external exams/fee structure, etc. they are free to interact with the concerned committee members. The above rules may be changed, modified, or suspended as and when required by the College administration.

Shri Alok Kumar (IRS)

Principal Secretary to Govt, Higher Education Department.

Prof. Aekta Gupta.

Principal, Govt. College of Edu, Jammu.