Journals and Newspapers


        The Library is subscribing to various magazines and daily newspapers. In this electronic era the library has also subscribed e-journals through N-List (National library and information services infrastructure of scholarly content. Under this project the college faculty has been provided the username and password to access the e-journals on database of N-List project. The library has also signed MoU with DELNET and accessing their database too. Other online services include NDLI and Shodh Sindhu.


SESSION 2021-2022


LIST of Magazines







List of Newspapers









List of Print Journals


  • Journal of Indian Education
  • Indian Educational Review
  • School Science
  • Primary Teachers
  • University News
  • Indian Journal of Education and Information Studies
  • International Journal of English Research
  • International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research
  • International Journal of Teacher Education and Teaching
  • Indian Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
  • MIER Journal of Educational Studies Trends and Practices
  • Journal of Community Guidance and Research
  • Journal of Education Planning and Administration
  • Journal of Educational and Psychological Research
  • EFL Journal of English and Foreign Language
  • Miracle of Teaching
  • Yojana     
  • University News     
  • Journal of MIER College


    Annual Expenditure of Print Journals: Rs.26,389.00


    E-Resources Through:


    1. N-List: Rs. 5900.00 per annum

    2. DELNET: Rs.19,470.00 Membership

    3. 3. E-books: Rs. 131171.00(No of e-books15)